Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ode To A Bad Hair Day!!

I LOVE a good hair day don't you!?! It just makes everything in the world more manageable like a long line at the coffee shop or impromptu meeting at work...You feel ready and empowered! Well, if your like me you do NOT have those types of days enough! 

Normally I feel like this-

Sometimes I cry!

On the rare occasion my hair makes me laugh-

HEHE, this makes me laugh!

Sometimes, my hair isn't really all that bad but I get bored with my same old same old-

I swear this is just what my hair does!!

The one thing that is always true about a bad hair day though-

Awe, thanks I needed that!

 So, whether you are having a bad hair day or just waiting for the next one to inevitably come, you've got a friend in me, girlfriend! If you feel like you need a bad hair day pick me up or a tiny bit of inspiration here are some new hair "do dahs" at the shop that just might be the thing you need for a perfect do!

Wishes of Love $9.25

Xs and Os $6.00

Beautiful Soft Red Bobbies $10.00

New Life $11.00

Adeline's Bouquet $9.50

When Life Gives You Lemons $8.00

For even more great hair and makeup tips you can visit our sponsor (link at the top left of page). Good luck on all your future hair days!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Makeuup Brush or Crochet Hook Rolls

I have been having way to much fun just sewing and sewing and hot glueing, and cutting, and making a mess to my hearts content. Just as I had hoped this new year has recharged some creativity in me and I can't contain it all or at the very least make everything fast enough. 

So that you do not feel left in the dust I will show you my new creations as soon as I can take pictures of them and edit them to perfection. For today I have completed and listed on Etsy just waiting for brush rolls or if you prefer crochet hook rolls! So far I have 4 available at 2 different but similar price points.

Spunky Sparrows- $27.99

Vintage Blue- $27.99

Vintage Green- $27.99

The Orange One- $25.99

These rolls are great and so versatile. Heck you could put your collection of colored pencils in them or even paint brushes!! The possibilities are endless here at Minggus and Moob.

I hope that you catch the new year's creative bug and start making great stuff soon! For more inspiration and great ideas follow the blog and stay informed about all the fun. If you leave a comment saying that you just started following the blog I'll send you an exclusive coupon code good for your next purchase from Minggus and Moob!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog Follower Appreciation

To help everyone get into the spirit of a new year with lots of new blog posts on the horizon I wanted to send out a thank you gift to all of my faithful and new followers!

I am so blessed to have you all; people who want to hear what is on my mind, see my new creations and laugh at the silly things I do! 

If you haven't already received you coupon code in an email post a comment that you are a follower and I will be sure to send the coupon to you right away!

So what is this amazing coupon code that I will be sending you? This coupon code is good for 20% off your next purchase with Minggus and Moob! All you have to do is enter it in when you are at the purchase your cart point (it will prompt you) and it will automatically take 20% off your order. If you have any problems just convo me on my shop page and I can help you!

To get to my shop there is a link at the top left of this page for your convenience.

Thanks again,

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where In The Word Are Minggus And Moob!?!

So, my last post was May...I'm sorry! Thanks all for your patience as I struggle through busy life and writers block. Well, I'm back and ready to WOW you with creativity! I hope that the start of a new year will help the flame of inspiration burn bright within me. The shop will be hopping with new items as I use up my stashes and learn new skills. So here is the first batch of new items that will be waiting for you at the shop:

Dynamite Plaid $10.00

Sand Dollars $10.00

Mod Dots $10.00

Aztec Blue $10.00

All of these earrings are made from covered buttons with high quality fabric and silver jewelry pieces. I love the textures and colors that were used and the dangle earrings create a bit of a grown up feel! I hope you enjoy them...keep your eyes peeled at the shop cause they will be listed sometime at the beginning of the week.