Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lots to be proud about!

Aida (2000 Original Broadway Cast)
Hey Everybody!
Sorry I have been MIA for a while! I have been so busy that I have not had time to devote to my blog writing. I thought that I would take this opportunity to brag a bit however. One of the reasons that I have not had time to blog is because I have been completely distracted by the Shasta High School musical production of AIDA.
Why have I been so distracted by this.....MY SISTER MADISON WAS AIDA!!!!!!! I am just a bit proud of her as you can tell. Well, actually I am proud of both of my sisters because they both worked very hard on this production. Madison being the lead had to be at practices all the time and deal with the stresses of that and Sydney was the hair and makeup artist for the production. Of course there were many other very talented people involve in this production but I am partial. Here are some pictures form the production and a video of Madison during my very favorite part! ENJOY, and feel the pride!!

Lots of spray on "abs"  and tans for this

This shot shows the abs well. On stage this 
looks totally real! (the cute man in maroon
is my Dad, he has mad skills!)

The lovely lady in blue is my mom! She did so
much for this production I couldn't write
about it all!

This picture is my favorite! I love that Syd is 
spraying Madi with her eyes closed, Madi has
a doofy look on her face, and you can see my
Mom in the background taking the picture!
This is my family!! :)

My Dad fixing up Madi's tan. For this musical you needed
to have a dark skin tone and this does not come
naturally for my family!! Hurray for airbrushing!!

Yup, get those ankles!

Syd putting the finishing touches on 
a nubian slave girl's braids. Syd was in
charge of doing LOTS of braids!

Madi all ready for the first scene that 
takes place in a museum.

Click this picture for video link of Madi singing!

Her are some more helpful links that you might find interesting.  (These are all from Broadway non are of the High School musical but the High School copied this version)

Storyline and history of Aida

Aida (Origianl Broadway Cast)
Aida (2000 Original Broadway Cast)

Aida (Easy Piano)
Aida (Easy Piano)

(Making of the Broadway Musical)
Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida: The Making of the Broadway Musical

For more information about SK-Artistry click here!

Thanks for checking in today and reading about all this "good stuff"!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Hike!!

Today was a wonderful Saturday spent away from almost all things Minggus and 
 Moob! Every aspiring artist needs an inspiration break now and again! Me, Jake and our friends Brian and Trisha all went on a hike today! We had lots of fun! Our destination was Whiskeytown Falls, near Redding, CA were we live. For more information about this check out this totally rad book!

 All beautiful and ready for the hike!

 Trisha always ready for the goofy shot.. me I'm like never ready! 
I always seem to be doing something doofy!

 Can you say Heath Family
Christmas Card!!! 
Ok, I know we are in tank tops.

Trisha and I put smiles on our faces, (not feeling quite so beautiful) 
for this shot, we were just a touch winded! The picture
does not do a good job of showing how steep it
really was.

Almost to the top!

Jake always brings his bendy leg tri-pod
for our camera. Jake is a master at setting it up
on weird places to take a group shot! I was afraid it would
fall into the water or he wouldn't be able to get back 
to us in time to be in the picture...but like always he 
just made it. :)

 The famous Jake one handed shot!

 The famous Jake one handed shot... that almost
misses me!


 The falls were spilling more water
then Trisha had ever seen before!

 Brian always look so

I thought we were at the top! We were only at the first top!
You can hike above the falls and see more, of course the
guys were ready to climb up higher! Trisha and I just smiled
and kept following them up. :)

Sigh, the real top!! We made it!!

Monday I will annouce who won the Minggus and Moob
Headband Giveaway so come back soon!!
I hope you all have a great weekend filled with 
adventures and "good stuff"!!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giveaway Rule Change!!

I have had some people say that it is impossible for them to leave comments on my blog post! Sorry about that... I will try to fix it soon. So if you would like to post something to get in on the giveaway for the headband go to my twitter account by following this link. In your message say that you are commenting for the headband giveaway and I will add your comment to the comments that I already have!! Thanks for your understanding and patience!!

 Remember how cute these are!! You could
WIN your own!!
visit my etsy shop to see more items 
you might enjoy!!

Thanks ALL!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey guys! Sorry about the confusing post that I wrote yesterday! I had written all about the giveaway and some how it was erased and it did not post when I published yesterday's post!! So... now if you read the bottom of yesterday's post (Say hello to my little friend...and get a prize) it will actually have a prize giveaway at the end!! The entry information is between the ** and the **!! :) So please leave a comment after that post to get your self entered to win the flower headband!!
Thanks so much,

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Say Hello To My Little Friend!" and Get A Prize

Ok, cheesy title, however, true it is! I would like you to meet my little friend and newest workspace do-dah-


This little critter embosses and cuts out paper for scrap-booking and all kinds of other paper projects!!  You might ask yourself, "Why would Cayton need that?", well, I enjoy it because you can use it not only for paper but for fabric too!! I have been using it to cut out applique shapes for my scarves and hats and also to make cute headband adornments! Remember the flower headbands from the latest shoot-

Yup, my trusty Cuttlebug cut those out for me!! I love how versatile it is. I can not only cut out paper, felt, and fabric but I can use almost any embossing or cutting plate out there on the market today!! SOOO many options and so little time, if you know what I am saying.

These plates cut and emboss; I used them for the flowers on the headband and they aren't for the CuttleBug at all! The following is an awesome video that I found which inspired me to make my fabric flowers and actually get a CuttleBug in the first place(project is on the top of their main page, link below)-

I love that video series and also their website. Custom Crops has great products and specials which make many scrap-booking supplies very affordable. The other website for Cuttlebug items that I really like is They have the green Cuttlebug (color before the blue one) on sale for only $40!!! I purchased the blue Cuttlebug because it came with some other supplies that I needed, (refer to picture at top of post) it was $80.

One, thing I should mention that caused me a bit of frustration was that when you cut paper or fabric with the CuttleBug the shape of that die gets impressed on the plastic spacer plates that come with the Cuttlebug. I thought that my Cuttlebug was messed up when I ran a die through it for the first time so I called Provo Craft (makers of the CuttleBug) and asked them if this was a normal occurrence and and they assured me that it was. So, I'm telling you so you do not have to call them like I did! :) Also, depending on how often you use your CuttleBug, the spacer plates that come with it do need to be replaced and are easy to find at retailers near you!

**Because I love my CuttleBug and YOU my followers I will be giving away one of my lovely  flower headbands!!All you have to do to get entered is leave a comment under this post. Your comment can be about anything you want.. love comments...they kinda sorta make my day! The winner of this giveaway will be announced in the beginning of next week so get yourself entered now!!**

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Products Up!

Yeah! Its Saturday! Saturdays are the best don't you think?
I have spent way to long in front of the computer the past few days
listing all of the new products that I had taken pictures of!
I think that they all look fantastic and I have loved reading your feedback
about the shoot.I also have another exciting trial product
that I am going to be testing!


I have created 3 gift certificates with different values
for those occasions when you just don't know
what to get that special someone.
I have the following three values and
you can order a custom amount as well like...$14.62
if you think that that is like the perfect amount for your lucky
gift certificate recipient!! :)

$5 gift certificate

$15 gift certificate

$25 gift certificate

Thanks for checking in today! I hope your weekend is full of
"good stuff"! (Does anyone get that? Its my tag line for 
Minggus and Moob.) : )