Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where In The Word Are Minggus And Moob!?!

So, my last post was May...I'm sorry! Thanks all for your patience as I struggle through busy life and writers block. Well, I'm back and ready to WOW you with creativity! I hope that the start of a new year will help the flame of inspiration burn bright within me. The shop will be hopping with new items as I use up my stashes and learn new skills. So here is the first batch of new items that will be waiting for you at the shop:

Dynamite Plaid $10.00

Sand Dollars $10.00

Mod Dots $10.00

Aztec Blue $10.00

All of these earrings are made from covered buttons with high quality fabric and silver jewelry pieces. I love the textures and colors that were used and the dangle earrings create a bit of a grown up feel! I hope you enjoy them...keep your eyes peeled at the shop cause they will be listed sometime at the beginning of the week.


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