Friday, January 7, 2011

Makeuup Brush or Crochet Hook Rolls

I have been having way to much fun just sewing and sewing and hot glueing, and cutting, and making a mess to my hearts content. Just as I had hoped this new year has recharged some creativity in me and I can't contain it all or at the very least make everything fast enough. 

So that you do not feel left in the dust I will show you my new creations as soon as I can take pictures of them and edit them to perfection. For today I have completed and listed on Etsy just waiting for brush rolls or if you prefer crochet hook rolls! So far I have 4 available at 2 different but similar price points.

Spunky Sparrows- $27.99

Vintage Blue- $27.99

Vintage Green- $27.99

The Orange One- $25.99

These rolls are great and so versatile. Heck you could put your collection of colored pencils in them or even paint brushes!! The possibilities are endless here at Minggus and Moob.

I hope that you catch the new year's creative bug and start making great stuff soon! For more inspiration and great ideas follow the blog and stay informed about all the fun. If you leave a comment saying that you just started following the blog I'll send you an exclusive coupon code good for your next purchase from Minggus and Moob!


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  1. Loving the creativity! I'm still trying to finish sewing my stockings. Haha. I just started following your blog! :)