Monday, March 21, 2011

Good To Be Back!

What a great trip to Florida!! The flights there were fantastic (Xanax worked wonders for me, but that could be its own post), the weather was perfect, and the company couldn't of been better (thank you Terah). If you would like to read more about the details of our trip you can go to the Missions Tab on the top right of this page and view the PDF version of our latest newsletter or click HERE ! Below is my favorite picture from the trip! Jake looks so handsome and I know how happy it makes him to be at the hanger working on the planes!

While we were gone in Florida I thought a lot about my sisters (since we had done alot of hanging out before we left) and how wonderful they are! I'm so blessed to have them since I had NO say in the picking process I feel as if I hit the jackpot! They are both so talented! Sydney is a fantastic make-up artist who will someday be queen of the Sydney Ann make-up empire! Madi is going to be famous on broadway someday and you will be able to day "I saw her before she was famous on the 'Good Stuff' blog! Here is a super cute picture of us that I thought you might enjoy.

Click this picture to see Madi's website.

Click this picture to visit Syd's website.

I haven't forgotten the "Vote and Win" promise of a winner if you told me that you voted!! The randomly selected winner is MaggieJoy. Congrats girlfriend!! You will be getting some awesome earrings and a to die for coupon code good on your next purchase with Minggus and Moob!! YEAH!! Not to worry if you did not win because lots of giveaways are coming up as new products get listed at the shop.

So this was not the most original post but tomorrow should be a bit more exciting as posts go. I will be talking about a new website I found that does some awesome photo editing! I gave you a sneak peak by including the pictures above. Wasn't that nice of me?

Have a good day!

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