Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Photo Editing Just Got Much Easier!

Taking pictures, uploading pictures, editing pictures, organizing pictures- as an Etsy shop owner these are things that make up my everyday. I have people ask me all the time why I haven't listed something and taking pictures for my items is why. It can be tedious especially when you have to wait for good weather, find a model for your products, and setup the shot. This creative process is very exciting to me but when it takes a month from item creation to its final stages of listing on Etsy it can be a bit of a bummer, especially when my sweet little item just wants a good home!
Take me home!

To save a little bit of time I have been trying to take as many pictures inside when the sun pours through my sewing room window or on a sheet outside when the weather is good. This approach has worked alright but has not given me the professional look that I am striving to achieve with a ratio of success at about 1 good picture per 20 taken. 

I thought the only answer to my problems was to get a super expensive digital SLR (sigh) but in talking to my amazing and oh so practical husband he told me he could make me an incredible lighting set up (sigh)! What a man! Anyway, we are still working out the kinks on that, however, as I was researching snazzy cameras I discovered that some of them have a new feature called "Artistic Filters". These filters make the pictures look vintage or like the shot was taken in a fairy wonderland before the photo taker even edits it. SO COOL for someone like me who is trying to save time! 

Well, I for sure can not afford an expensive camera so I went on a hunt for a free/cheap online program that could do that for me. To make a short story extremely long (sorry) I found the answer to my problems on this website:

Here are some pictures that I edited with the free version of this program. Picnik does have a premium program but I have been very happy with the basic so far. So enjoy some of my work and let me know what you think about how it makes my products look and so on! There are so many more options to explore so go check it out!!

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