Monday, April 26, 2010

Photo Shoot Prep.

I have been having so much fun creating some great new pieces for Minggus and Moob in my newly organized work space! To help launch my new product lines and their themed looks I hired SK-Artisty to add some artsy flair to models that matched the look of the products that they would be modeling! My themes are "Very Vintage", Young Brights","Not Naughty, Nautical", and "Fairest Feathers". 

Getting all lovelied up!

 Who's up first!?!

 Lots and Lots of product!

 My newest model Helen Getting "teased"! Helen is the face of 
"Young and Bright".

One of our biggest fans Minnie, wanted to model to!

 Helen is amazed at the volume of her hair!!

 Even more stuff! SK-Artistry is professional and they are always
prepared to fix any issue!

 Grace, my "Not Naughty, Nautical" model waiting to get

 What a trooper! Sarah, my "Fairest Feathers" model 
had to endure much colorizing! To see what I mean
come back tomorrow for shoot images.

 Christi, my "Very Vintage" model, patiently waiting for 
her turn to get worked on.

 Our other family dog Molly coming to check out everything! Did you 
know she is half dash hound and half pitbull!

 Normally I like to stay behind the camera but not today! I had to model
one of the lovely hairclips! Look for these at the shop soon!

 My sister Madison looking lovely even though she was not a 
model today! She is the lead in the play "Aida" by Elton John!
To learn more click HERE

 Minnie just can't get enough and has to be
right in the center of the action!


 Helen showing off her makeup line! SK-Artistry does a fantastic job 
of airbrushing. Helen had never been airbrushed before!

 Putting the finishing touches on the lovely Sarah.
Ok, all done!


Tomorrow I will post finished pictures from the shoot! So come back
and check out the photography side of SK-Artistry.

For more information on SK-Artistry click

 (she sighs) What "good stuff"!

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