Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finished Images From Shoot Group 1

Okay all I can barely stand the excitement right now!! Today I will be sharing with you the first group of edits and finished images from the Minggus and Moob/SK-Artistry photo shoot! 
Let me know what you think of the shots and be thinking... 
"Would these pictures help me choose Minggus and Moob or Sk-Artistry products and services?"
Please leave some feed back because inquiring minds want to know! :)

"Very Vintage"

"Young Bright"

"Fearless Feathers"
(I changed the name...I like this better!)

"Not Naughty...Nautical"

Thanks all for the support! I hope you enjoyed a very brief collection
of images from the shoot! We took so many that it was very hard for me to pick my favorites and edit them for you. I will post more tomorrow (or Thursday).

**Don't for get to leave some comments on what you think of the shots, this would mean a lot to Minggus and Moob and SK-Artistry!!**

That was "good stuff" for sure!

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