Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finished Images From Shoot Group 2

Just like I promised here are the last pictures from the Minggus and Moob/ SK-Artistry photo shoot! You will get to see the last collection called "Not Naughty...Nautical" and I will show you some pictures that  I think are great that I forgot to put in the blog the other day!

While you check out the shots I'm going to go grab a cup of coffee so I'll be right back!!

"Not Naughty...Nautical"

The "Not Naughty...Nautical" tank has great embellishments!!

I love Moob patch perfect!!

Now...More pictures that I hadn't edited from the shoot that I really like!!

Only Minggus and Moob models can
work tanks and scarves at the same time!

Antique buttons are always the perfect accent!

I can't get enough feathers!!

I think this is a beautiful shot and its for a $3
hair clip!!

These clips come in many different colors!


Okay! That was fun and my coffee is perfect! You know when you get the perfect
ratio of coffee to creamer, sigh, that would be the way mine is right now!

I would like to know from all of the shots (group 1 and group 2)
which picturesstruck you and made you want to click
to check out a Minggus and Moob product or which one
made you want to hire SK-Artistry to do your hair and
makeup for an up coming event!!
We would love and appreciate your feedback on
this and thank you in advance for your comments!

From the grand collaboration of Minggus and Moob and SK-Artistry
have a great, blessed rest of your week filled with "good stuff"!

For more information or to shop products click the following links:


  1. Any time a model looks like she has a secret it makes me want to click to find out what it is. So, favorites are: girl peeking from behind grey scarf, and girl peeking out from under a hat.

    Also, I love your attention to detail, even for the little things, like the extravagant, over-the-top styling for the $3.00 hairclip pics... btw, I was at an art show today where someone was selling the exact same kind of product for $27!

  2. WOW!! Maybe I should up my prices!! ;) Thanks for your comments!

  3. Man, I posted my response yesterday, but it looks like it didn't take (?) and now my sister has gone and "beaten me to the punch!"

    So, once again, I LOVE the pic. of the girl lying in the grass for "not naughty, nautical." The colors are brilliant, her lipstick looks fantastic, and it totally makes me want to a) spend a lazy afternoon in the grass and b)go sailing.

  4. YEAH!! Thanks, thats what I was hoping!