Thursday, April 1, 2010

Patchwork Perfection And Simple Pleasures

Amy's sweet little self.
 So whats in a blog post title you might ask yourself? In the case of this particular one lots of laughter and brainstorming! As a new blogger I tend to focus to long on things like the title of my post and then I share my wonderful idea with a friend and they hold back a giggle! Does anyone else get this particular form of support? :) I have this wonderful cheesy quality about myself that sometimes goes to the extreme as I try to be catchy. So that you understand what I'm speaking of here are some wonderful title runner ups for your reading pleasure: "Patchwork Dreams", "Patchwork Orange", "Pretty Patchies", "Patches and Cream", "Pleasing Patchery", and "Patchwork: Amazing" (just to mention a few). So with the help of my very talented friend Amy J. we settled on this title and I kinda like it..don't you?

Minggus and Moob you've never looked so good!
Amy J. is one of those great friends that you don't know how you lived your sweet little life without nor do you care to remember! Amy has helped quite a bit through out my Minggus and Moob adventure. She models for my product shots, always gets the perfect amount excited when I show her something new that I'm working on, and she has so faithfully sewn patches and applique for my shop! This week she has come to visit me and my husband and I wanted to show you the little treasures she created for all of us to enjoy.

Big and small I adore them all!!

I will be using these cute patches on tank tops, purses, scarves, and selling them "as is" for you to create your own Minggus and Moob accessories and apparel.  Look for all of these sweet little guys for sale at the shop in about a week. I will post an announcement when they are available!
Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog today! If you enjoyed yourself click the follow button so you can stay up to date on the lives of two very cute little birds-Minggus and Moob! (I know that it would just make their day ;) )

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  1. Hey i bought a scarf! and its a cute coral color. it's not crocheted (however you spell that) anywho i want one of these patched on it!