Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shop Promotions

Hi all and good morning!
Did any of you have storms around your house last night!?! My goodness I thought our apartment might flood! I was creating some new items for Minggus and Moob upstairs in my workspace when out of nowhere there was a big "CRACK/BOOM"!! I wish you all could have been there because I literally launched off my stool when that thunder crashed. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice the lightning (so I was not warned about the coming thunderous outburst)! Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy that!

Now, down to business. Promotions at the shop!
Minggus and Moob Tote Bag $10.00
I have started creating tote bags with the Minggus and Moob logo on them! This is a very exciting venture for me and I wanted to share with you! I am hoping to get the word out about my store and would love for all of you to help me! When you purchase a bag you don't just get a bag you also get some surprises! Each bag will have Minggus and Moob products inside and you just don't know what you are going to get! Some lucky shoppers could get a hat or scarf even!!

Tote measurements: 13x13x2

I have one of these totes and I absolutely love it!! I have been caring mine around for about 3 weeks and I have gotten so many compliments and it has held up beautifully!!

This promotion is for a limited time only so get your Minggus and Moob tote bag TODAY!!! Pictured below are some examples of products that just might make it into your bag! Thank you all for viewing my blog today! I hope the rest of your week is full of "good stuff"!

Shoe Fascinator/Clips
Angel/Bird Wing Earrings
Covered Button Post Earring

***If you follow this blog and tell me in the message to sellers section when you are ordering your bag I will put ANOTHER ITEM in your bag!!!! (For blog followers that would be- 1 bag and 5 free items for only $10 but you must be a follower! To follow this blog go to the left column and click the follow button. Thanks!!)***


  1. I -heart- that tote. Super cute!
    Will be following your blog now.

  2. Love the bag i tried it on and it was the perfect size to fit everything in! -absolutely worth it!

  3. What a great promotion! I just bought mine, can't wait to wear it proudly!