Monday, March 29, 2010

New Products and Great Resources

I hope Monday is treating you well! Let's jump start the week with some new items and a couple links that should help you get inspired to make you blogs and shops the best that they can be!

Here are the two newest items at the shop! I really like these new rings because
they remind me of my wedding and I think that they would 
make perfect "Something Blue" accessories for that special day!

Golden Gleam Blue Flower Ring $5.75
A Little Something Blue Flower And Filigree Ring $5.99
To view many wedding accessory ideas visit my shop.
As I have been an Etsy seller and have been faced with the challenges of bringing traffic to my shop I have found some very helpful links that have brought traffic, helped me to track that traffic and have also been a good way to advertise my shop. To follow are links and brief summaries for each!
-Craft Cult is a very cool site that is home to the Heart-O-Matic! What the HOM does is track your hearts, item views, and if you have ever been featured on Etsy's front page they provide you with a screen shot of your item in all its glory! On the left side of my blog is an example of a box that has a list with which my item was featured. I highly recommend this site for advertising as well as they have good prices and friendly service.

-Sample Village is a group of ladies that puts together boxes filled with samples of Etsy sellers products. They get the word out for you about your shop and all you have to do is send them at least 20 samples. When you sign up with them they also list your shop for a few days (free advertising!!) on their front page. I am apart of this group and have had lots of fun with them. I believe it is very worth it to send them at least 20 samples of your products and try being apart of this group. They are also featured on the left side of my blog. http;//

-If you are on facebook and have a blog I recommend connecting your blog to your facebook by using Network Blogs. Network Blogs is fast, easy, and a good way for your friends to easily see your blog. You can also send blog invites to them so that they can sign up to follow your blog directly from facebook!
So those are my recommendations for this week! I hope that they are helpful and that you can grow your shop through them. Follow this blog and tune in every Monday for new products and a group of links to help promote your shop!
 **If you have links and resources that have helped you email me and you and your resources might get featured next week!