Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Thoughts: Newness and Consistency

As my title clearly states I am new to websites and blogging for that matter! I have felt the short lived and tormenting thrill of success with my and shops and am now trying to expand my skills and audience as I trudge through the online jungles on my quest for consistency.

 Consistency is a word that I'm trying to find throughout my online store endeavors. Since you are at the whim of those shopping your site this word normally alludes me. A great example of this would be waking up one morning checking your online store and finding to your amazement you've sold 5 things (this is a day spent in entrepreneurial bliss)! The next day you wake up hoping to repeat the  ecstasy of the day before, fulfilling peoples handmade shopping desires, but to your dismay not one person has even stopped by your store to view the 12 new items you so diligently posted the day before! As I ponder the hills and valleys of an online shop owners existence I am faced with this question "How many social networking sites does one girl have to join before her online store is brought to a place of shopping consistency!?!

Like many of you I am determined but I need your help- pass on the word! Next time you want to shop, instead of visiting your local box store, visit a hard working cyber shop and give that shop owner a much need shot of sales ecstasy! 

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  1. Would love consistency in my store too!
    Great bobby pin by the way, really lovely.

  2. Boy so I know how that feels! Several sales one day, then nothing for several days. Hope you can find an easy answer and pass it along to the rest of us. :)

  3. I came over via the Etsy forum post. I am following now! Good Luck!

  4. Hi! Hang in there! Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and persistence. I love your bobby pins!