Friday, March 26, 2010

A Girl Inspired

I thought that I would start my blogging life by sharing with you the things that have inspired me through out this journey called life and eventually brought me to Minggus and Moob. The first and foremost inspiration in my life is the Lord Jesus Christ who has given me every good thing by saving me and blessing me with the gift of creativity. The Lord in His ever present grace and mercy took me down a path that was hard, He held my hand through it all and then when the time was right He put my hand into the hand of my husband and now he leads us both.
As I write this blog my mouth curls up into a smile just thinking about that man that I had the privileged of marrying. Jake, is his name if you are unfamiliar with him. He is my best friend, he makes me laugh, but more then that he challenges me to do things that I would not do other wise. A list of examples of this are: roller-coasters, traveling by airplane, motorcycle adventures, and the laundry! Jake and I love doing life together and we look forward to our future adventures together (next blog will cover our career)!

The apartment that Jake and I live in is a perfect townhouse style. We have a garage(downstairs) where Jake gets to tinker and we have a spare bedroom(upstairs) witch acts as an office and creative work space for me! My little area is home to a beautiful sewing machine(thanks Nonny!), two knitting machines, some of the most beautiful yarn you'll ever see and a collection of antique buttons! Awe, doesn't that just sound so delightful! My favorite thing in the world is to wake up early, get a cup of coffee, and create a new piece for Minggus and Moob happy as a clam at my work space.

I have the best sisters and girlfriends in the world. I would not be here blogging about Minggus and Moob if it wasn't for them! Sydney, thanks for making me walk into my first boutique and promote Minggus and Moob, and for being a constant Minggus and Moob wearer/commercial! Madison, if you like something I just made I know that I am on the right track because you are full of style and good taste. Amy, um...there are no words to describe how thankful I am for your friendship and for knowing what I need before I do. Minggus and Moob would not have their cute faces and style without your extreme amounts of talent! There are so many of you
that I am thankful for but I just don't have enough time, but you know who you are and I love you all!! (Through doing this blog I realized that I do not have pictures with any of you...this must get resolved!!)

Here are some new products from Minggus and Moob inspired by those who inspire me:

Click the picture to be taken to my shop and the item's listings!


  1. Looks like you're off to a great start! You make very nice items and have great looking models too! :) Tell me how to help out. I'd love to get involved with a blog. Always liking to try new things.

  2. I am loving the look of your blog so far. I am following and look forward to seeing more from you.

  3. Everything looks great- I'll be back :)

  4. Welcome, I am a new follower number 25:) Good luck.