Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inspiration Wire

So I have been reading the wonderful book by Kari Chapin, "The Handmade Marketplace". I have really enjoyed this book and it is a great resource for any online shop owner. Kari talks about inspiration,

"Inspiration is often unexpected, but it's always welcome."

She goes on to say that any size space can be home to an inspiration wire. All you need is wire, some clothes pins, and a few tacks or nails. Next time you see something that inspires you whether it is in a magazine and you clip it or outside and you snap a picture of it hang that piece of inspiration on your wire to be drawn from next time you need a bit of a push. Hanging your wire were you can see it is very important and it does not have to be above your work space; you could hang it above your kitchen sink, or in your bedroom. 

My Inspiration "Wire"
This entire idea got me all excited and I knew that I wanted to make my own inspiration zone. I did not have wire or clothes pins(I know, who doesn't have those things!) so I opted for inspiration cork squares. I nailed to my wall two pieces of cork (the kind with no framing) right above where I work so I can just glance up and see the things that inspire me. I have collected pictures from magazines that have unique color combination that I want to emulate, wedding magazine cut outs with pretty flowers, and funny sayings to lighten my mood when I am creatively stuck.

I love this inspiration idea because it is a great way to express yourself and it is totally inexpensive!

-$5.99 for 4 cork squares (I only used 2 squares, the other 2 squares I am using to display some of my pieces at a local boutique) at Target
-$1.99 for the straight pins (you can get less expensive straight pins but the pins I purchased were pretty) at Walmart
- FREE or almost free left over magazines 

So there you have it! A fun project that can help you get out of a creative funk! Now that is some "good stuff"!

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