Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Handmade Darlings You Should Know About

Because of Minggus and Moob I have become familiar with some amazing crafters through their Etsy shops, blogs, or books. I wish, wish , wish, I could meet them all for real and take in the talent and creativity that pours out of them like a perfect river flowing into the greater scope of the art and design ocean that is all around us, but a lass this is just a dream and my creative creek will have to do. Since I do not have the ability to meet them, as of right now, I have been studying the ways in which they do things and how they have moved to the top of the creative sphere of online crafting market places. Here are some of my favorite works and crafters that I feel everyone should have an awareness of.

Emily Martin
Emily Martin:  Sweet and astoundingly brilliant Emily Martin is one of my heroes.  She was one of Etsy's first online shops in 2005 and has become their top seller with 29,269 sales (as of this post). Emily paints and sews. The prints of her artwork have been her main product, however, whenever she makes a doll they sell out in minutes (bummer, I never can seem to get my hands on one)!
Emily and Martha make dolls!
Emily's blog (Inside A Black Apple) is fun and it really shows off the look of her Etsy shop. I love the way that she branded her products and I look to emulate that with my own Etsy shop and blog. I like to say "When my shop grows up it wants to be like the Black Apple." Thanks Emily for being someone we can look up to!

by Kari Chapin
Kari Chapin: A very talented and fresh writer, Kari Chapin has opened up a world of handmade incite like never before through her first book The Handmade Marketplace. Her style of writing draws you in and makes you say "I could totally do that!". I love the way that this book collaborates with other "big name" crafters and etsy staff to bring us a well rounded and person look into the handmade world! 
When I went to Barnes and Noble to research this book and other books like it I could not set this book aside. I read for over an hour and my leg started to fall asleep! I hope to sell enough stuff at the shop this week to be able to buy this book- I want to highlight the heck out of it and turn page corners!! The other thing that I love about this book is that Emily Martin did the artwork all through out (my two favorites in one place...sigh)!!

Meg Mateo Ilasco
Meg Mateo Ilasco:
The next amazing book I love, because it has a hands on feel about it is Craft Inc. and the Craft Inc. Business Planner. The author Meg Mateo Ilasco helps you learn how to turn your favorite crafts into revenue! Meg is great because she has done so many things and is experienced in helping others like us achieve our goals! I cannot wait to get my hands on the the business planner and learn how to handle the money side of my online store!!

 Here are some more great ladies to discover and learn from:

I hope that these lovely ladies help you to feel inspired. If you have reviews of anything or anyone here please feel free to share! On your way out don't forget to checkout the shop giveaway and get yourself entered (4/05/10 post).  And as always I hope your week is filled with "good stuff"!

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